As of January 2016 John’s daughter Florence Gantner Zink has joined the School House endeavor with John and Nancy.  Florence will be on site and working in all aspects of the business with them: vineyards, office and marketing.  Florence grew up spending her weekends and summers at School House and knows the land intimately.  She looks forward to meeting all of our School House friends.  She is excited and proud to be carrying on the family tradition, now officially as its third generation.  We have welcomed Florence with open arms and we are sure you will find her to be a great asset with a fresh face and genuine enthusiasm.

JOHN MORSE GANTNER — 8th generation San Franciscan. His great, great, great grandfather, Ignacio Vincente Vallejo was present at the founding of the San Francisco Presidio in 1776. His great, great grand-father was Salvador Vallejo, brother of Mariano G. Vallejo (General Vallejo). Salvador had a warehouse in San Francisco for the sale of furs and other California products. John’s grandfather John Gantner married Salvador Vallejo’s grand-daughter Adela Frisbie, John’s grandmother. All were San Franciscans. John was educated at Stanford followed by a law degree from the University of California. In the year of John’s birth, 1940, his father, John O. Gantner, Jr. bought School House Vineyard. John has worked the vineyard all his life and continues to spend all his time to further its production.

NANCY WALKER — Her family moved from Oklahoma City, to Newport Beach, California in May 1951. Quite a change in environment; she is grateful to this day for that move. The family left Newport in 1957 and moved to Berkeley, another big change. Her first “adult” job was a reservation agent for United Airlines beginning in 1960. For the next 15 years her work was primarily in the travel business. Another big change in 1968, while working for the Asia Foundation, she became interested in politics culminating in election to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1979. She stayed on the Board until deciding to not seek re-election in 1991. By that time she had met John Gantner through mutual friends in San Francisco and determined that her future was; with him, restoring School House Vineyards and making a life in the Napa Valley. That was a happy and rewarding choice which continues to this day.

FLORENCE GANTER ZINK—Born in San Francisco, she and her sister Benicia spent much of their childhood summers and weekends up at School House. Florence received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UC Santa Cruz and a Master’s degree in nursing from UC San Francisco. Currently, when not at School House she works at Kaiser as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Midwife. Florence lives in Mill Valley with her husband Andy, sons Finn and Oliver, and dogs Zane and Milo, just a few blocks from her sister Benicia. Florence is excited to be a part of the School House legacy and she looks forward to many more years on Spring Mountain.


NOTE: Our contact information has changed.  
New Phone number:  707-963-9001. We no longer have a fax.