2013 Pinot Noir

2013 Pinot Noir

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This vintage manifests the characteristics, which have made School House unique among North American Pinot Noirs.

Pinot Noir
Winemaking Notes
In September of 2013 we harvested nearly 10 tons of Pinot Noir, with a sugar/brix of 24.9. The crop was fermented in open-top bins after a destemming. The young wine was then aged in new French oak cooperage for 18months.

Tasting Notes

We find the wonderful dried fruit flavors of cherries and the earthy—mushroomy—aromas and tastes evoke a classic French style Pinot Noir. This particular vintage is forward and on the palate and lingers with a rich, long finish. Please note: the wine does benefit from being opened up to an hour before drinking, so that the wonderful, very special Pinot Noir ‘nose’ develops; since we do not filter or fine the wine it does throw some sediment, which we take as a mark of its quality. It should age beautifully.

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